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Media Consulting

As a client we will provide consulting for you and your event on all aspects of media coverage and promotion.  We will customize a media sketch to fit your needs to optimize your coverage.

Types of clientele that will benefit from our services.

  • Professionals & Experts
    • Lawyers
    • Doctors
    • Athletes
    • Event sponsors/donors
    • Oil/Gas experts
    • Going Green/Environmentalist Expert
    • Professors/Educators
    • Law enforcement experts
    • Stock analyst
    • Realtors
    • Other professions
  • Event coordinators
    • Sporting events and organizations
    • Fairs & Festivals
    • Non profit/Charities

Public Relations

Image building is the first step to a successful campaign, case publicity or self promotion. Our branding and media strategies will provide the keys which will open many doors.  We are trained to think out of the box and cross promote to generate the best promotion for you.

Examples of media that may be used in your promotion.

  • Broadcast and print Journalism
    • Local, state and national level television markets
    • Local, state and national level newspapers
    • field specified journals
    • trade magazine and industry prints
  • Social Media
    • twitter
    • facebook
    • Online presence / SEO
    • Web site / blogs
  • Radio
    • Local and national syndication
    • Talkshow format
    • Trade talk


“Get it out there” is our theme. By designing a plan of action for you and your event, we will customize and execute a marketing solution that fits your needs. From new social media trends to reliable staples of the industry we will network our clients.

Tools that may be used to market your events or ideas!